AGBC News Episode 31: Manhattanhenge Sundown and the '77 Blackout

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The second appearance of Manhattanhenge means summer's already fading away πŸŒ‡

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AGBC News Episode 31: Manhattanhenge Sundown and the '77 Blackout
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  • Find a new viewing location for the upcoming Manhattanhenge by leaving Manhattan! There will be a unique perspective available across the East River in Hunters Point Park. Located in south Long Island City along the coastline, the new park offers a view straight across the water to 34th Street, giving a view of the entire Manhattan skyline with the sun glowing from within. Plan to arrive at the park early, as Manhattanhenge only shines for a short amount of time just before sundown at 8:21pm, and visit the AGBC Manhattanhenge page for more viewing locations β€” LIC Henge 2019

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The extreme highs and lows for this week in weather history:
Record High: 102Β°F on July 15, 1995
Record Low: 54Β°F on July 13, 1888

Weather for the week ahead:
Light rain on Thursday and next Friday, with high temperatures bottoming out at 85Β°F on Monday.

Intro and outro music: 'Start the Day' by Lee Rosevere β€” Concert Calendar music from β€” Manhattanhenge music by Anonymous420


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