Gallery Opening: Artifix Mori at the Skybridge Art and Sound Space at the New School

Opening October 27th – Artifix Mori, a new exhibition by John Ensor Parker (one of the artists from “As Above – So Below” video projection on the Manhattan Bridge) and Jason Krugman (an artist and designer specializing in electronic media and physical interaction design).

The Skybridge Art & Sound Space is pleased to announce its newest
installation, Artifix Mori, by John Ensor Parker and Jason Krugman, Visiting Artists
in the Visual Arts program at Eugene Lang College.

Using a combination of silkworm cocoons and LED lights, Parker and
Krugman have created an interactive installation that runs the length of the Skybridge
Art & Sound Space. It combines the natural silk cocoons of the Bombyx Mori−the
species of silkworm we use for commercial silk production−with mechanical elements
that reanimate the lifeless cocoons.This draws attention to the silk harvesting process
and invites the viewer to question human intervention in the natural world. This exhibit
addresses the relationship between art and science, a prevalent theme in both artists’

The exhibition focuses primarily on Parker and Krugman’s study of mass silk
production and how it represents society’s reproduction and imitation of nature through
technology. The artists essentially reanimate the lifeless silk cocoons that are activated
as the viewer walks through the space. The cocoons are suspended from actuators,
which convert electricity into mechanical movement. These actuators make a soft
clicking noise, reminiscent of the sound the worms themselves make. This sound is
also the basis for the accompanying score.

This exhibition will be preceded by a salon moderated by John Ensor
Parker, and featuring guest artists Jason Krugman, dNASAb, Pat Lay and Nurit
Bar-Shai, on Thursday October 27, 6-7 pm at the Lang Cafeteria, 65 West 11th

The Skybridge Art & Sound Space
Eugene Lang College The New School for Liberal Arts
65 West 11th street, 3rd floor
New York, NY 10011

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