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February 23 in New York History

📝 On This Day 📝

Tuesday, February 23, 1790 — 229 years ago

George Washington moves to the second presidential mansion, the Alexander Macomb House, at 39-41 Broadway lower Manhattan. During the two years that New York City was the nation's capital, George Washington lived in two lower Manhattan residences, and moved to the Macomb House after finding the Samuel Osgood House too small. The President would live in Manhattan until August 30, 1790 when the nation's capital formally moved to Philadelphia while Washington D.C. was under construction. Both New York houses have since been demolished, but a plaque marks the location of the Macomb House at modern-day 39 Broadway.

Sunday, February 23, 1997 — 22 years ago

A Palestinian national kills one person and injures six in a shooting on the Empire State Building observation deck. It was later revealed that the shooting was motivated by over anger over the U.S. support of Israel.

⏰ AGBC Rewind ⏰

2 years ago
Gov. Cuomo Announces NY State Hate Crime Hotline Now Accepts Text Messages

One year ago
Coalition of Public Radio Stations Acquire Remains of Gothamist and DNAinfo

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🌞 Weather Records 🌞

Record High: 72°F in 1874
Record Low: 5°F in 1889

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