March 12, 1733 in New York history

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291 years ago on March 12th, 1733

Bowling Green Park is established as the city's first official park

The land had been under city control since 1686, but in 1733 it was leased at the rate of one peppercorn to John Chambers, Peter Bayard, and Peter Jay, who were tasked with maintaining and improving the land for the "Recreation & Delight of the Inhabitants of this City". In 1819, the park underwent a private transition similar to today's Gramercy Park, where wealthy residents bordering Bowling Green could plant trees and accept responsibility for the park in exchange for exclusive access to the park grounds. This was changed by the mid-1800s and the public was again able to use the park. The park has changed greatly over the years and through multiple renovations, but one piece of original iron fencing from 1771 remains at the southwest corner of the park and was designated a New York landmark in 1964. The park has also been home to the 'Charging Bull' sculpture after it was moved there shortly after being dropped off overnight on Wall Street just before Christmas 1989.


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