D'Auria-Murphy Triangle

D'Auria-Murphy Triangle [OpenStreetMap]

This park gets its name from the D’Auria-Murphy American Legion Post in the Belmont section of the Bronx. By 1933, nearby Arthur Avenue had become Belmont's principal thoroughfare and the site of a flourishing open-air market with pushcart vendors offering various Italian delicacies. For New Yorkers, the name Arthur Avenue still conjures up the smell of freshly baked Italian bread, aromatic delicatessens with cheeses and sausages in the windows.

A very small triangle/plaza at Adams Pl bet. Cresent Av and E 183 St in the Bronx


Founded May 16, 1931 — 93 years ago

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Growing up in the Bx on Lorillard Place was a great experience, My father started as the baker with Mario Madonia,, Madonia bakery, Arthur Ave in the early 20's. Being 90, I still remember all my buddies and me like it was yesterday. Playing American Legion Baseball for the D'Auria Murphy American Legion Post on 187th, st, at that time during WW2. I left in 1951 when i enlisted in the navy during the Korean war. Got discharged in 55, Married the love of my life in 56, and we'll celebrate #68 in June. Finally wound up in a hell hole known as CA, got an offer I couldn't refuse, stayed with it 25 years, then opened an italian restaurant in 83 with my family. It was like being in Little Italy all over again, sold it after 8 years of success and retired. It's been a good life. Some...

January 2, 2024 8:59pm

The triangle is partly named after my Grand Uncle, Henry Murphy. He was my grandfather’s brother. He lived on Cambreleng Ave between E 187 and E188St. They both fought in France WW1 But Henry was killed in the Battle of the Argonne Forest. The local American Legion post and the triangle were named after the two neighborhood men D’Auria and Murphy that were killed in the war.

April 30, 2024 1:30pm

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