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Photos and video from NYC Fleet Week 2011

Photos via agreatbigcity on Flickr

Fleet Week began on Wednesday with the Parade of Ships on the Hudson River. Ships included the USS Iwo Jima, USS New York, USS John L. Hall, USS Kauffman, and USS Carr, as well as Coast Guard ships, tugboats, and local government ships from the NYPD Harbor Unit, FDNY Marine Unit, and DEP.

USS New York via agreatbigcity on Youtube

The USS New York is one of three ships which will contain steel salvaged from the World Trade Center after September 11, 2001. Learn more about the ship at the USS New York’s official website

USS Iwo Jima via agreatbigcity on Youtube

The USS Iwo Jima is a regular member of NYC Fleet Week, and is a spectacular sight to see. Learn more about the carrier and its history of assignments around the world at Wikipedia.

Memorial Day flyover – A commenter described the aircraft: “Lead jet and -2 are FA-18Fs from VFA-32, -3 and -4 are FA-18Cs from VFA-37”

Fleet Week will continue through June 1, 2011 with events throughout the city. Check out the Fleet Week schedule from NewYorkology and for performances and tours taking place at the Intrepid museum, consult their official Intrepid Fleet Week calendar of events.

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