Thanksgiving Parade Balloon Name Generator

Thanksgiving Parade Balloon Generator
Background image via gigi_nyc

Have some Thanksgiving fun with our new ideas for parade balloons!

Do you find yourself falling asleep watching the same old balloons at the Thanksgiving parade every year? 😴 We decided to make the parade more exciting with a new set of balloons! Use our Thanksgiving Parade Generator to make a new list of balloons for the Annual AGBC Thanksgiving Parade!

The balloon names are randomized from a list of every balloon that has flown in the parade since 1931, when the first Felix the Cat balloon premeired in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. We shuffle all those names with our special AGBC Make-A-Balloon Machine and the result is the lineup of wacky balloon names below! 😹

Share your custom list of balloons on social media and send us a photo if you spot any of these new balloon ideas flying the skies this year!

Here's the schedule of your AGBC Thanksgiving Parade balloons!

  • Lucky Elephant
  • Tommy Nutcracker
  • Garfield on the Shelf
  • Amazing Pirate Macy's Stars
  • Fireman Rugrats (2nd edition)
  • 60th Anniversary from Super Wings
  • Felix Hobo
  • Uncle Sam Dexter on 34th Street
  • Happy SquarePants
  • Santa's Sleigh w/ special guest Baby Acrobat

Your AGBC Thanksgiving Parade Balloons!
Your AGBC Thanksgiving Parade Balloons! Background image via gigi_nyc

There are thousands of combinations, so hit the button below to get a new list of funny balloons!

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πŸ‚ Happy Thanksgiving! πŸ‚


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