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The Occupied Wall Street Journal - Issue 2 of the Newspaper

Occupied Wall Street Journal - Issue 2

On Saturday, October 8th, the second issue of Occupy Wall Street’s “Occupied Wall Street Journal” was made available. Following the same format at the first issue, it is a four-page broadsheet featuring articles about the past week’s events, including the march to Foley Square and Naomi Klein’s visit to Zuccotti Park.

PDF of Issue 2 available on Google Docs

Front Page

  • “The Most Important Thing in the World” by Naomi Klein, from a speech delivered Oct. 6 in Liberty Square
  • Photo: “New York turns out to occupy Wall Street” by Jen Ross
  • “Moneyman” by Wasalu ‘Lupe Fiasco’ Jaco
  • “This Rebellion Will Not Stop” by Chris Hedges
  • Photo: “Unafraid” by Adrian Kinloch


  • “What Liberty Square Means – The Progress of Revolutions” by Rebecca Manski with B.R. Manski and Rizzo
  • “Meeting for the first time, again” by Amity Paye
  • “Editorial Note: No list of demands”
  • “High schools, campuses walk-out to OCCUPY” by Miles Kohrman


  • Highlights from some other occupations around the country – DC, Boston, Austin, Seattle, SF, Philadelphia, and LA
  • Timeline and photos of events leading up to Occupy Wall Street

Back Page

  • “Principles of Solidarity”
  • “Organized Labor Stands Up” – a list of labor unions that have shown support for Occupy Wall Street
  • Photo: “Foley Square, Oct 5” by Jen Ross
  • “Protest and Pragmatism” by Dan Glass
  • “5 Things You Can Do Now”

Design: Zak Greene, Anna Gold, Elizabeth Henley

To contact the editors, email [email protected]

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