The Occupied Wall Street Journal - What's Inside

Handing out #OccupyWallStreet Journals to drivers on the Brooklyn Bridge

Handing out the Occupied Wall Street Journal on the Brooklyn Bridge

[Update – PDF available below]

After being funded and self-published, the Occupied Wall Street Journal was available during Saturday’s Brooklyn Bridge march by Occupy Wall Street. The full-color, four-page broadsheet, printed in Long Island City, contains information about the protesters currently occupying Zuccotti Park, why they are holding demonstrations, a timeline of events leading up to the publishing of the newspaper, and various articles concerning the hows and whys of protesting.

Note: The newspaper is only summarized below – For more information, contact the publishers.

The Occupy Wall Street Journal

Image via Nick Gulotta on Flickr

Occupied Wsj

PDF of the Occupied Wall Street Journal via Daryl Lang at Breaking Copy – click ‘Fullscreen’ and zoom in to the article you want to read

Front Page

  • Image: New York Unites – Wednesday Oct. 5 – Student Walkouts, Union Marches,,
  • “The Revolution Begins at Home – Wall Street Protests Enter Third Week” by Arun Gupta
  • “Learning from the World” by Eric Ribellarsi and Jim Weill
Page Two
  • NYC – Occupy Together” by Michael Levitin, Grim, and Jed Brandt
  • “Pushed Out of Our Homes” by David Kempa
  • Timeline of events leading up to the publishing of the newspaper, including protest milestones in Tunisia, Egypt, Wisconsin, London, Greece, and Spain
  • “We Occupy Because” – A photo essay and list of Twitter responses where people declare their reasons for joining Occupy Wall Street
Page Three
  • Declaration of the Occupation – The first official release from Occupy Wall Street
  • “No excuses left. It’s now or never” by Chris Hedges
Back Page
  • Occupation for Dummies by Nathan Schneider
  • “Five things you can do right now” – Instructions on how to join the movement, donate, contact the various groups taking part in the demonstration, and where to follow Occupy Wall Street online.
  • A map of Zuccotti Park, showing the locations of the camping area, medical area, kitchen, etc.

Read more recent posts about Occupy Wall Street and check out Issue 2 – published October 8th.

Have you read the paper? Did you walk by the protest and pick one up? Leave a comment below with your thoughts!

White Shirts reading the Occupied Wall Street Journal

NYPD officers reading the Occupied Wall Street Journal at Zuccotti Park


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