The Woolworth Building Shows Off Some New Colors

[Update March 29, 2012 – The Woolworth Building changes color again!]

After noticing a new color in the skyline on Monday night (seen below), I decided to take a trip to the Woolworth Building and try to find out why the building had changed from its normal golden lighting to red/pink and green.

First sight of the new colors on the Woolworth Building

My first look at the new colors of the Woolworth Building on the horizon

The Woolworth Building

I took a walk around the building and didn’t see any indication that the building was celebrating an event, so I decided to try the impossible – ignoring the “Tourists stop here” signs and entering the fabled lobby of the Woolworth Building.

Luckily, the staff at the front desk was friendly and didn’t match the secretive reputation that the building has gained. However, they were also just as baffled as I was about the new colors lighting up the rooftop.

Later in the day, I walked back to the building and waited for the decorative lights to turn on and see the new colors up close.

Patiently waiting for Woolworth's to light up

Sure enough, when night fell, the Woolworth once again lit up in pink or pale red with green accents!

Getting closer to the Woolworth Building in green & red

Best Woolworth shot I can get tonight

One more Woolworth

For now, the colors are still a mystery. I couldn’t find any PR contact info for the Woolworth Building, and my trip to the building itself resulted in a rare look at the lobby, but no new information. One possible explanation is that the pink color is in support of the Susan G Komen Foundation, which uses pink as its promotional color and will be holding its Race for the Cure on September 18th in Central Park.

If you have any information to share about the new lighting, leave it in the comments below!


Mystery solved! The Woolworth building and 22 other NYC buildings were lit pink on Tuesday, September 13th to show support for the Susan G Komen Foundation in an event called City in Pink. The buildings which lit up pink included:

16 Handles
“21” Club
111 Eighth Avenue
601 Lexington Avenue
731 Lexington Avenue
Brooklyn Historical Society
Duane Reade 1627 Broadway Jumbotron
Hotel Gansevoort
Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum Complex
Jeffrey New York
JFK Control Tower
Lester’s of New York
Macy’s Herald Square Jumbotron
Museum of Sex
New York by Gehry, Eight Spruce Street
New York Stock Exchange
Niketown New York
Paragon Sports
Samsung Experience
The Korean Community Services of Metropolitan New York, Inc.
Time Warner Center
Walgreens Spectacular Times Square
Woolworth Building

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