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Video: Marine Sergeant Confronts NYPD - "Why y'all gearing up like this is war?"

[OccupyTimesSquare] Veteran rants against police brutality [15-Oct11] via KnewWorldNoing on Youtube

Saturday’s Occupy Wall Street march to Times Square had a number of tense confrontations and 45 arrests, but the most poignant moment of the night was Retired Sergeant Shamar Thomas calling out the NYPD for their methods in dealing with the protest.

Below is a recent (unverified) comment which claims to be by Sgt. Thomas:

This is the ACTUAL MARINE from the Video. I will say 1st that I don’t hate the Police or more specifically the NYPD. My Great-Grandfather, Grandfather, Mother, and Step-Father have all served in Combat Zones. I was deployed to Iraq in 04 and 06. My 1st Combat Action was in Fallujah 2004. My parents both served for 20 plus years. We fought for the American Citzens without complaint. All to come home and see INNOCENT Citzens get Brutalize by the Police they must Trust. No HONOR in that. SEMPER FI – SgtShamarThomasUSMC on Youtube

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