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Winter Storm Nemo Hits NYC

"Just the beginning" - view of Columbus Circle in the snow via @MissyBurlin on Twitter
@MissyBurlin on Twitter" data-fancybox="51152c83a6ddc0000200c395" href="" rel="51152c83a6ddc0000200c395" title=""Just the beginning" - view of Columbus Circle in the snow"> A winter walk along Central Park Historic 1899 photo: Horse carts carry snow to the river after a blizzard Historic 1978 photo: Motorists stranded in snow on the Long Island Expressway Prepping for the storm A worker keeps the train platform clean The snow begins to fall in Brooklyn It's a blustery day inside the subway when the doors open in Queens A classic winter scene with 1WTC in the background Radio City Music Hall in the snow Doyers Street, Chinatown in the snow Not many people crossing the Brooklyn Bridge during a snowstorm The beautiful streets of NYC Looking at the Chrysler Building from Bryant Park Brooklyn in the storm
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It’s the first big snow storm of the season and the first large weather event since Hurricane Sandy hit NYC. Will the city be better prepared for the upcoming blizzard after last year’s poor handling of the “Snowmageddon” storm?

The current predictions are for around 10 inches of snow for NYC, beginning in the late afternoon and ramping up to blizzard conditions overnight. In reality, city dwellers know that the impact will be quite different once the snow hits the ground, with winds blowing snow through the streets and constant traffic turning the streets into slush.

Mayor Bloomberg has already issued a Severe Weather Advisory for the city, which outlines precautions that the public should take and how city agencies are preparing for the storm. Alternate Side Parking is suspended citywide through Sunday and NYC after-school programs and PSAL sports programs have been cancelled.

A Great Big City on Twitter will be posting photos and updates, and you can also follow these AGBC Twitter lists for updates to NYC transportation and NYC-area weather.

WNYC has put together this great weather tracker map (below), and also be sure to check out their Complete Guide to Getting Snowed In!

Do you have storm photos or tips on how to prepare for the storm? Leave a comment below!


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