Amazon Lockers in NYC Now Open For Business

Amazon Lockers are showing up at NYC Rite Aid stores

The Amazon Lockers that appeared in a few NYC stores last month have now gone live, and are available as shipping locations!

Locker shipping option as seen on

During checkout, you can now choose to ship directly to the metal lockers at select New York City Rite Aid and grocery stores. Below is a list of the Amazon Locker locations in the NYC area:

  • Rite Aid – 24th Street & Eighth Ave
  • Rite Aid – Sixth Ave & 13th Street
  • Gristedes – Third Ave & 32nd Street
  • Gristedes – Barrow Street & Sheridan Square
  • Morton Williams – 57th Street & Broadway
  • D’Agostino – Greenwich Street & Barrow Street
  • D’Agostino – Columbus Ave & 90th Street
  • Gristedes – Broadway & 96th Street

Once your order has been shipped to the locker, you can pick it up by typing in a code number, provided by Amazon, into the machine, which will unlock the correct door where your package is stored.

Have you had a package shipped to an Amazon Locker? Leave a note in the comments and tell us about it!

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