Outgoing: The Road Ahead, The High Road, and the Fast Lane

Construction Tunnel
Construction Tunnel via Joshua Rothhaas on Flickr

Outgoing is a weekly summary of the past week at AGBC from the Editor-in-Chief, Trace Gilton.

From the beginning, back in 2010, AGBC was (sometimes stubbornly) focused squarely on New York City. Looking back, it wasn't a great decision. Other NYC blogs and news outlets didn't place such rigid restrictions on themselves, and we suffered as a result, minimizing the impact of the site while wrestling with self-imposed restrictions.

The ultimate intention of AGBC is to give coverage to interesting topics and dig deep to understand how the world works, so I've decided to expand the coverage of the site. Now you will begin seeing coverage of topics with worldwide focus, generally useful information, and a focus on technology in addition to the normal coverage of our one true love, New York City.

I am exceedingly thankful for the support and encouragement throughout the years from AGBC's readers, and hope that you will make the journey along with me toward what AGBC will become!

September 28th - October 4th

Happy anniversary! The domain agreatbigcity.com was registered on October 2nd, 2010, so we've been around four years now. That's also when I registered and began using @agreatbigcity on Twitter, but the site itself didn't launch until March 2011, so, much like Google, it's difficult to choose an actual anniversary.

Today marks two weeks since the High Line's final section opened, and there are already some great photos from the new section. The third section is a bit smaller and more basic than the previous two, but will be an important area as Hudson Yards takes shape around it.

Talking about all the other changes with the site, I almost forgot the new site design! It's made to be more lightweight and to load faster. If anything looks strange with the new design, send in a comment on the Contact Page (also new and improved).

AGBC design, October 2014

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— Trace Gilton
Editor-in-Chief, A Great Big City

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