March 6, 1970 in New York history

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51 years ago on March 6th, 1970

The Weather Underground townhouse explodes while the terrorist organization is constructing a bomb

The group's headquarters in Greenwich Village at 18 West 11th Street was completely leveled when a dynamite bomb exploded in the basement of the building and severed gas lines that fueled a fire. Three members were killed in the blast just before noon and two others who were upstairs at the time survived and escaped and were placed on the FBI's Most Wanted list, captured a decade later in separate incidents.

The original townhouse was one of a row of houses built in the 1840s. The neighboring homes survived the blast and still stand today, with house number 18 being replaced with a modern design that juts out at a sharp angle toward the street, creating a triangular shape that looks as if the front of the building has rotated horizontally.

In recent years, the angular home was owned by Norma Langworthy, a dancer and theater producer, who decorated the front window of the home with a Paddington Bear toy that she would dress in a variety of outfits as the seasons and the weather changed.

The remodeled townhouse was listed for sale again at the end of 2019 for $21 million, but it was removed from the market with no sale recorded in city records.


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