The Occupied Wall Street Journal Issue 3 - What's Inside

New logo on Issue 3 of the Occupied Wall Street Journal
Issue Three of the Occupied Wall Street Journal features a new logo!

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The third edition of the Occupied WSJ was passed out at Zuccotti Park on Friday, October 21st. This entry will be updated once a PDF is available.

Front Page

  • “Love Letter to Liberty Square” by Rizzo – a moment-by-moment account of the events on the morning when Zuccotti Park was to be cleaned
  • Photo: “Occupation of Times Square” by Stephen O’Bryne
  • “Occupy Your Mind: The People’s Library” by Jennifer Sacks
  • “A New World” by Jed Brandt and Michael Levitin
  • Photo: “Unafraid” by Adrian Kinloch
  • Rule of law vs. the forces of order" by Alex S. Vitale
  • Feature by Vanessa Bahmani – photos of the 99%
  • Photo: “Clean Sweep” by Mike Fleshman
  • “The Whole World Isn’t Just Watching” – a photo feature showing Occupy Wall Street scenes from around the city
  • “Occupation is Participation” by Allison Burtch – a list of the Working Groups that have been established within Occupy Wall Street
Back Page
  • “So real it hurts: building a new republic” by Manissa McCleave Maharawal
  • Editorial cartoon by Beth Whitney
  • “Enacting the Impossible – On Consensus Decision Making” by David Graeber
  • “8 Things You Can Do Now” – instructions for getting involved with Occupy Wall Street
  • A note from the authors:
The Occupied Wall Street Journal is made possible through dozens of bright and talented people who have volunteered their work. The paper got off the ground thanks to 1,600 generous donations to a fundraiser. The Occupied WSJ does not (and could not) represent anyone except its participants. The views of the authors are their own.

We are always on the lookout for people who want to help. Submissions are open and encouraged. Write us a note, ask us a question, or tell us a story at

Editorial: Jed Brandt, Priscilla Grim, Michael Levitin, Jennifer Sacks, Ryan Wood
Design: Jed Brandt, Anna Gold, Zak Greene, Nona Hildebrand, Elizabeth Knafo
The Occupied WSJ arrives in Zuccotti - Oct 21st
The Occupied Wall Street Journal arrives in Zuccotti

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